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Salamt Gostaran Arayan

Industrial Branch: Industrial production (manufacturing)
  • Relationship Type:
  • Private
  • Establishment Date:
  • 2009/11/10
  • Register date:
  • 2014/11/22
  • Topic Record Inc:
  • Functional Production of food products and herbal sweets without sugar
  • Register City:
  • Iran Isfahan
  • Register Number:
  • 38719
  • Address:
  • Free University of technologies Center for the growth of knowledge-based Co-Salamat Gostaran
  • Call number 1:
  • 09132105481
  • Call number 2:
  • 09132105481
  • Fax:
  • 03135354069
  • Lenzor Link:
  • Aparat Link:
  • Internet Radio Link:
  • National Code:
  • 10260563357
  • Economical Code:
  • 411359673881
  • Tags:
And now with the help of God in order to learn more about the development of consumer culture of medicinal plants and traditional medicine and medicinal herbs sections of society, and optimal use of the gifts of God in order to maintain health promotion and disease prevention efforts so that a link between the food industry and the manufacturing industry and the exploitation of medicinal plants and traditional medicine and the integration of the achievements of the industry to make use of the use of medicinal herbs in food products, used. And hope that by doing so, create diversity in the production of food and new food products with higher nutritional value and create new consumer markets for medicinal plants, cultivation of this crop are more justified, and with the support of organizations and institutions the relevant background for the design and implementation of new ideas and to create sustainable jobs, we File confectionery products such as options and Luz and that the domestic industry and traditional Isfahan and Isfahan has long been among the guests at parties and celebrations and nutritious snack on a daily basis as a case was used as an appropriate souvenir of Iran and in other cities in the domestic market and abroad is introduced. And enjoys a good position among consumers and most people when they are available Srajaqy Bakery and especially if they have a medical contraindication to a large extent they are willing to use.current reforms on the formulation and raw material traditional sweets leads to enrichment and purification products and thus provides less calories and more nutrients to the body and prevents obesity and our new product for people with diabetes and patients is useful. And can create a wider variety of products and packaging at the level of people have wanted. use and the type of sugar and sweeteners, these products can not be absorbed into the body and blood sugar levels is ineffective. And also enriched by plants so that the plants used in this group of products, each with a specific purpose and in addition to the properties of the active ingredients in these plants is used as a dietary supplement in preventive medicine food
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